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Yoga Poses That Are Safe During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is not the same for every woman. The female body is an amazing vessel that experiences incredible transformations all through these 9 months, therefore it is imperative that we care for our bodies with appropriate nutrients in a balanced diet as well as provide movement that is healthy during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is a brilliant way to increase energy, improve body awareness, boost relaxation, and de-stress. Who does not want that?

Before you start reading about yoga at home, be certain to ensure with your doctor and get the essential approval on any exercise programs you do want to partake in. Whether this is a sustained practice for you or a recently introduced activity, proceed with concern and stay in tune with your body. That being said, there are several yoga practices that are extremely helpful and safe during pregnancy, while others should be avoided throughout this time. Additionally, you may have to make several modifications as your pregnancy progresses.

Here list a list of Yoga Poses that are safe during pregnancy:

  • Prenatal Child’s Pose –

    This pose is a sensibly resting pose in prenatal yoga that normally focuses on breath and finds peace throughout yoga practice. This is the safest pose for all trimesters of pregnancy.

  • Cat – Cow – Cat cow pose is perfect for strengthening your muscles of the deep core while lengthening your backbone. Try to include deep belly breathing!


  • Bridge Pose – Bridge pose is good for opening up your hips and empowering your core, hamstrings, and gluts. To reduce stress on your abdominals, be certain to start on your side then roll to your back, then back to your side earlier than sitting upright.


  • King Pigeon Pose – This pose provides an exceptional stretch to open up your front hips and gluts. Try to give support in your core and extend upwards through your spine when holding this pose.
  • Warrior ll – This is a great pose to empower your core and legs while lengthening your spine and stretching your sides. Change your deepness and positioning of a stretch according to how your body feels.
  • Tree Pose – You should try to stand as long and tall as you can on this one and breathe severely (Adderall). This pose will confront your balance while strengthening your legs and core. If you are feeling unsteady balance, try placing one hand on a helpful surface to feel further safe.

Hope this post has cleared up any concerns you have had regarding prenatal yoga and provided you with helpful tools to maintain your practice during pregnancy. Moreover, keep in mind to stay hydrated, include deep breathing techniques, and actually, listen to your body throughout this process! A meditation session also provides an amazing opportunity for you to clear your mind, distress, and connects with your growing baby.

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