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Why You Are Not Gaining Weight?


About 2 percent of people are underweight, and some of these people have the problem gaining weight no matter what they try. You can be one of these people, or you can be underestimating how many calories you are burning during the day or overestimating how much you are actually eating. The solution to gaining weight is eating more calories than you burn through your daily activities. Add about 500 calories to your usual daily eating to gain weight at a healthy rate, which will make it more likely you gain muscle and not fat.

You Might Be Overestimating the Calories You Eat:

If you consume a lot of foods that are little in energy density, or calories per gram, it is possible to fill up without taking a lot of calories. Vegetables, fruits, broth-based salads and soups consisting mainly of vegetables would all fall into this group. You might want to increase the energy density of the food you are eating to help you consume more calories and eat higher-calorie foods toward the beginning of the meal rather than the ending thus you don’t fill up on lower-calorie foods primary.

Dietary Changes for Weight Gain:

Keeping a food and exercise journal, either on paper or online, can help you discover how many calories you are really eating and estimate how many calories you’re burning during the day. You can use it to explore what changes you can make to help increase your caloric intake and gain weight. Try eating more often and drinking among meals so liquids don’t fill you up at mealtime.
Dietary Changes

You Might Be Underestimating Your Calorie Needs:

A man requires almost 14 or 15 calories per pound to keep his weight if he’s sedentary or about 18 calories per pound if he’s very active. Women need fewer calories, with an inactive woman needing just 12 or 13 calories per pound and about 16 if she’s very active. A very active person exercises daily at a quite vigorous level of exertion, which means you’re working too hard to hold a conversation. So if you are not taking enough calories that you require, then you can’t gain weight but loss your weight.

Exercise and Weight Gain:

If you do cardio, you might be burning too many calories to increase weight. People trying to increase weight may want to focus more of their efforts on resistance training, which will help you put on weight in the form of muscle. But with cardio, you need extra calories and proteins to gain weight and build mussels. Otherwise, you may lose your weight.

Medical Issues Limiting Weight Gain:

Verify with your doctor if you are having difficulties increasing weight, as it could be because of certain health conditions or medications. An overactive thyroid, chronic digestive or undiagnosed diabetes issues could be at least partially responsible for the problem, even if you could also just have a very high metabolism that makes it hard to gain weight. If there’s a fundamental health situation, getting that situation treated could make it easier for you to increase weight again.

If you’re hoping to put on weight, you should work with your physician to figure out what’s most excellent for you and your needs.

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