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Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips: An Ultimate Guide

Winters give you a perfect mini break from the heat and sweaty days. This cool changing breeze also brings terrible hair days. Who does not love beautiful shining hair? But we all know winters give you lousy hair issues. The research reveals that the harshness of dandruff and seborrhoeic dermatitis increases in the winter.

Many people like you may get frustrated with fixing hair and itchy scalp problems during winter. But stop worrying right now. Healthik explains to you the proper winter hair care routine with climatic changes. Following are the right ways to get healthy hair and scalp.

  • Keep your scalp nourished
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid hot water bath
  • Do scalp massage
  • Avoid heating tools

1. Keep Your Scalp Nourished

According to hair care experts – your scalp becomes more prone to dryness in cold weather. A temperature decrease creates less moisture in your scalp, leading to a dry and itchy scalp. Hence, keeping your hair or scalp hydrated and moisturized is imperative, as scalp oil glands are essential for healthy hair. Dermatologists recommend using hair conditioners after every hair washes, and also applying a hair mask once or twice a week is very beneficial for your hair.

2. Stay Hydrated

Are you aware that water makes up about 25% of your single strand of hair? Similarly, drinking plenty of water also plays an essential role in restoring your hair and skin health. You have to constantly be hydrated from the inner, which is the key to eliminating the issue of flaky skin, rough hairs, slits end, dandruff, and so on during winter months. Additionally, many healthcare experts said that winter dehydration also adversely affects your well-being. So it is essential to follow the perfect winter hair care tips for making your hair healthier.

3. Avoid Hot Water Baths

Hot water not only harms your skin but harms your skin as well. Some earlier research has claimed that hot water damages the layer of lipid fatty, which is essential for hair growth. The high water temperature strips away the natural moisture and oils from scalp skin and hair, leading to more breakage-prone hair.

4. Do Scalp Massage

Remember to pamper your hair this winter with a hot oil massage. Hair oiling is the perfect option to stimulate blood circulation and the flow of nutrients to your hair follicle. A scalp exercise is essential in winter hair care to improve the thickness and growth of hair. Natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil provide deep hydration to the hair while relaxing the scalp muscles. Aloe Vera with lukewarm coconut oil is the best effective home remedy to reduce dandruff.

5. Avoid Chemical Products

Harsh chemicals and strong surfactants in your winter hair care products can do more harm than good to your hair. It is essential to have a complete understanding of the ingredients present in your hair cosmetics. Various kinds of research reveal that the formation of silicone and sulfate is used in several shampoos and conditioners, which wicks away the natural oil from your hair. You must use better shampoo and conditioner to maintain your natural shiny and healthy hair.

6. Avoid Heating Tools

Extra dehydration and frizzy strands are only led by dry air in winter. Using expensive heating tools like curlers, blow dryers, and straighteners may damage your hair severely. Various studies also elaborated that thermal devices cause extreme damage to your hair shaft and cuticle by reducing the moisture content in your hair. On the other hand, the daily hairs fillings help keep the hair knot free and healthy without causing severe damage.

Winter season has severe issues on your hair in the form of excessive hair fall. To minimize the risk of hair fall and any other severe hair damage, you have to build a perfect winter hair care routine which is a comprehensive approach. Also, consuming a diet enriched with hair vitamins and other essential nutrients would be best to keep your hair healthy and strong. Lastly, keep winter laziness from dominating your hairy goals.

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