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Tips To Protect Your Hair In The Winter

Living in the winter season is a tough time for your hair to stay healthy and smooth as it can become frizz, static, and dry due to harsh weather. Mainly, the winter climate leaves a severe impact on all hair natures and textures as the hair needs protection from the weather to stay smoother and in good condition. Consequently, how can you protect your hair, reduce these hard wintertime effects, and stop the hair losses? Here are some winter hair care suggestions below you can use to prevent your hair from getting damaged –

Wear a scarf or hat

It is essential to wear a hat or scarf during the winter season to protect your hair from the snow, rain, wind, and dry air, which can steal moisturizer from your scalp. Hence you should wear a hat with silk or satin lining to control your hair breakage or use a dry oil spray to fight static particles under your hat. Dry oils are lightweight and include essential oils that hydrate your hair while keeping them in good condition.

Moisturize your scalp with hair oil

The indoor warmness can wipe out moisture significantly and dry the hair out, sometimes leaving a dry, flaky scalp during the winter season! You can add a conditioner or hair oil to your wintertime hair care cycle to fight dryness efficiently. Or you can use nourishing hair oil regularly to provide the moisture you need to revive your hair, prevent it from breakage, and leave it soft and shiny during the cold nights.

Get hair-trim from time to time.

You should trim your hair every 4-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy and fresh in the winter season. Take a half-inch below the bottom to decrease the risks of producing split ends and dryness that arises at the hair bottom due to harsh weather conditions.

Try to avoid regular hair wash.

If you’re to wash your hair regularly, you should avoid this habit in the wintertime. Regular washing can remove its essential natural oils from your hair that keeps them moisturized and protected through the freezing periods. You should try to prolong your hair-wash period till you find the ideal time to wash your hair.

  • If you are washing your hair daily, you can reduce the duration to two days
  • If your hair is still demanding moisture, then bathe your hair two times a week.
  • You can also change your hair washing method as you can apply dry shampoo among hair-washes keeping your hair smelling good and fresh.

Avoid heat styling.

Blowers can draw moisture out of your hair, as blow-drying can severely damage your hair, but when you dry your hair without heat, you can keep them shiny and healthy. Air-dry your hair whenever possible, as heat styling can elaborate the problem and absorb moisture from your hair. If they are already a week, you should try to avoid curling or straightening your hair in the winter. Explore new hair-styles, such as buns, braids, and twists that can protect your hair (Propecia).

Don’t go outside with wet hair.

If you are habitual to going outside without drying off your hair in the summer season, make sure to avoid the same winter. Because cold hair can cause the hair more inclined to damage and dullness of your color, so give your hair more time to air dry in the wintertime before walking out for the day. You can even adjust your hair-wash habit to cleanse and take care of your hair in the evening so that you can avoid blow-drying your hair even if you’re in a hurry in the morning.

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