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Types of Emergency Contraceptive Pills-dummy

HOW TO USE: Emergency oral contraceptive pills are also called “morning-after pills.” But remember that you do not have to wait until the morning after that. You should start the contraception pills right away or up to five days after you have had unprotected intercourse.

EFFECTIVENESS:Emergency contraceptive pills reduce the chance of pregnancyby 88 to 95 percent. Studies say that if a hundred women have unprotected intercourse, about eight will become pregnant; if the one hundred women use emergency oral contraceptive pills, only one will become pregnant out of them. Pills are one of the best birth control methods. Taking the pill within the first 24 hours may increase effectiveness high to the 95 percent.

SIDE EFFECTS:Progestin-only emergency pills have few or no side effects on the system. Vomiting and nausea are the most common side effects of taking emergency contraception pills that contain both estrogen and progestin hormones; about half the women who take them keep feeling nauseated, and about 20 percent women vomit. Due to such medical reasons, some practitioners always advise taking the pills with food or with an antinausea medication such as an over-the-counter remedy for motion sickness.

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