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What Causes a False Positive Pregnancy Test Result?


It is likely to have a positive pregnancy test result and not really be pregnant, in spite of several people telling you otherwise. It is known as a false positive. It is not general but it does happen. It can be for many reasons. In this article, explore the reasons that can cause false positive test results.

You were pregnant, but not anymore

As what happened here, a pregnancy may primarily be detected by an untimely pregnancy test that will provide you with a positive result. However then, when you test at a later time again, you find a negative result.

Unluckily the afterward negative result is more probable to be accurate. It does not mean the first test was wrong. It was only an early test that detected the first stages of pregnancy.

The test was not done correctly

If you do your pregnancy test later than the recommended time, a light, fade line may expand. This is not similar to the positive test. Therefore it is greatly essential to read and understand the instructions for how to use your test properly.

The pregnancy test kit was out of date

If you have had an idle pregnancy test for a long time, make sure the ending date on the packaging. These are critical chemical tests and should be in date to make certain they are working properly.

You may be having certain treatment involving hCG hormones

Your house pregnancy test calculates the levels of hCG hormone in the urine, looking for the quick hCG increase when you become pregnant. Several fertility drugs include hCG, and so it is sensible to make sure this before you test.

You have just given birth and your hCG hormone levels are still high

When you have a baby, it is generally your levels of hCG may still be higher than usual. Therefore you can get a positive test result just after you have given birth. So don’t be worry about that. To make it certain you can test again after some days.

It may indicate an unusual medical condition

It is essential to know that this is very, very unusual. But, there are some illnesses that cause an increase in hCG, like trophoblastic disease or islet-cell tumors. If you are at all worried, talk to your doctor.

If you are worried because you can just see an extremely faint line on the pregnancy test while have done everything properly, this sounds like a positive result. If you are still uncertain about whether you are pregnant or not, do visit your health doctor who will test again and be able to provide you with advice on what to do next!

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