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Common Types of Parenting Styles & Their Effects on Children

Being parent is one of the best feelings in the world. Everyone wants to be a good parent but this is not an easy task. A parent cannot prove himself in its whole life. There is not any quick recipe to be a good parent or some styles for best parenting. Good parenting can develop the future of the children. With your parenting styles, you can develop things that you want to see in your child. Moreover, manners, the behavior of your child, etc depends upon your parenting style. According to psychologists, there are four types of the best parenting styles.

  1. Authoritarian parenting style
  2. Authoritative parenting style
  3. Permissive parenting style
  4. Overprotective parenting style

We discuss briefly these styles in this blog.

Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian parents are strict and make rules for their children and never explain the reasons behind rules. They also give punishment to their children, when any rule is broken by them. They don’t express more love. They never permit their teenagers easily. They don’t care about the feelings or emotions of their children. Authoritarian parents never trust in things that they heard from their children.

According to researchers, children of authoritarian parents are more obedient and well- behaved at their school time. But there are some drawbacks of authoritarian parents such as children feel uncomfortable to discuss their important things with them. This parenting style stoles the independence and confidence of children.

Authoritative Parenting Style

Authoritative parents are also strict and make rules, but they are less strict than authoritarian parents and explain the reasons behind their rules. They consider the views of their children. Authoritative parents also give freedom to their children for making rules. They develop positive behavior in children.

According to researchers, children of authoritative parents are independent and self-confident as they run on rules made by them. The authoritative parenting style is more effective than others as children of this type of parents live happily and also well in making decisions.

Permissive Parenting Style

Permissive parents are not strict and don’t make any type of rules for their children. They behave like friends with children. They always said yes to children and don’t discuss discipline with their children.

According to researchers, children of permissive parents are more independent than others and don’t like to follow discipline. Children of this type of parents face difficulties to follow the boundaries.

Overprotective Parenting Style

Some parents are overprotective in the case of their children. The development of children also depends upon social and in walking outside. This type of parents teaches their children, society is not good for anyone. They provide extra safety to their children but safety and independence, both are different things. And both are important for the development of children in sufficient amount as more safety and more independence, both can change the behavior of children.

Children of this type of parents don’t trust easily on someone.

These are the best parenting styles for children. Now you can notice your type in parenting style.

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