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Points to be considered while doing Exercise


Daily exercise is helpful for the body and mind. It helps to increase intellectual skills and keeps the body fit, healthy, and trim. But most people are not aware of important safety precautions that should keep in mind when performing workouts or exercises. When these precautions are not considered, then it could be harmful to the person’s health and increase the risk of injury as well. But if you take precautions, you can really reduce the risk. Here are some guidelines and helpful points to be considered while doing exercise:

Control Your Movements:

Try to keep in control your movements—if you can’t, slow down and exercise at a more pleasant rate. Rapid and quick movements can set the situations for injury. Also, as you move your limbs, keep your muscles contracted and move them as you are pressing against some resistance.

Set Realistic Goals:

Set goals that you not only know you can achieve but that are very specific, not vague. So, for example, choose the goal such as “I will cycle 20 miles this week.” Don’t set unclear goals such as “I really should try to get more exercise this week.”

Warm up before exercising:

Before exercises, warming up by doing some stretches will slowly adjust your body to the upcoming exercises. If you don’t warm up, you would be shocking your muscles into action, which could cause the tear in the muscle. The sudden burst of energy may also have unhealthy side effects, such as the sudden increase in your blood pressure and an increased heart rate. This could lead to heart stroke or attack.

Don’t Overdo It:

The most common reason of injury is exercising too aggressively. Don’t follow “too much, too soon” syndrome. Start any new exercise at a low intensity and slowly increase your level of effort over a number of weeks. And don’t do too much exercise than your strength.

Watch Your Form:

Poor form and posture during the exercise can result in injury. Keep your back aligned. You should always be in the right form and posture while doing exercise. Proper form is very important when lifting weights to prevent the risk of injury and to get the most benefits out of the exercise, lift slower with control, connecting your mind to the move.

Pay Attention to Any Pain:

It is a myth “No pain, no gain”. If you are feeling pain during an exercise then stop and don’t continue unless you can do it without pain. If the pain occurs in the chest or neck area, it could be dangerous. So, immediately meet your doctor. General muscle pain after exercise is another matter. It typically indicates that you are not warming up sufficiently or are exercising too long or strenuously.

Use Good Footwear:

Wearing uncomfortable footwear can place added stress on your knees, hips, feet, and ankles. These are the body parts where up to 90 % of all sports injuries occur. Choose shoes and outfit that make you feel comfortable and suited to your activity.

Being aware of these safety precautions will determine that you remain safe while exercising. Being a health addicted, your primary consideration should be your health. Always stay fit and be healthy!

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