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Misconceptions about Mental Health


There are various misconceptions about mental illness which are not at all true. Moreover, these misconceptions make it harder for people to get attention and support who are suffering from mental health troubles. Here are some of the misconceptions regarding mental health and illness:

Mental illness is destructive

It has been noticed that more than 20% of adults suffer from this illness. Among the adolescent of 13 to 18 years of age, 20-25% are suffering. Overall approximately half of the population is suffering from this disorder. Every day they have to face hundreds of challenges and problems that only lead to more illness problems.

People suffering from mental disorders are weak or lazy

It is not necessary that if you are going through a bad phase of life or you are weak by status, or any other related, any person can go through this mental health condition in spite of status, occupation, gender, race, or any other related.

Some of the health care industries exaggerate mental health disorders for profit motive

Many of the people believe that the doctors exaggerate the prevalence of mental health disorders to capitalize on the issues. The fact is today, mostly everyone is aware of the mental illness and it all because of the people who are coming forward and the campaigns. They do not feel shame for hiding their problems due to which steps are being taken for the prevention of mental health.

People facing mental health conditions are scarier and violent

It is one of the misconceptions among the society that people with mental disorders are more violent and even scarier. But it has been noticed that these individuals are victims of violence that is why they just act to be scarier.

Only drugs are the solution for mental health conditions

Most of the people think that drugs are the best remedy in this situation. It can be useful but it also depends on the patient’s health history. If it does not suit the patient then he needs a therapist with whom he can at least share his problem to get rid of the situation.

People suffering from mental illness cannot handle their office work or families

It is sometimes true that people who suffer from this illness cannot handle their office work or families, but it is only when that person is suffering from serious problems. Otherwise, he is normal as others but has more burden or stress than others.

During depression or anxiety, medicines are the best cures

Medicines are useful during depression or anxiety. It is true that when you are depressed or in tension then no other help could be better than the medicines but regular intake of these medicines can harm your mental health even more. So, it should be taken under doctor’s advice.

Along with the mental illness, people have different misconceptions about the word “mental illness”. They think that those people are lunatics and they can harm by being violent.

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