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How Waxing Enhance The Beauty Of The Skin?

Commonly waxing is included in home treatment; as it is a quick, affordable, safe, and fabulous way to remove the hair from the body. Shaving is the alternative, but waxing lasts longer. In case you use a razor, you have to use it again within a day or two, whereas if you do waxing, you can be hair free for five to six weeks.

Two types of waxing are available in the market:

  • Hot Waxing
  • Warm Waxing

Warm Waxing: In warm waxing, the wax is directly applied to the hair removal part by using a spatula. Strips of fabric smooth over the wax and remove it quickly.

Hot Waxing: The hot wax is directly applied to the hair removal place and left to cool and harden on the skin. The corner of the wax is lifted up, and the wax is pulled directly over the skin.

The benefits of waxing are discussed below:

  1. Less Hair Regrowth

The prime benefit of waxing is that hair doesn’t grow back quickly because it removes from roots. If you use the razor, the hair is cut close to the skin level. Even with the very close shave, there is a considerable amount of hair left. It’s crucial to understand whether waxing is better or shaving.

Undoubtedly, waxing provides smooth skin without any post-shower stubble or missed areas. Even if you experience quick growth, you can be hair-free at least for 3-4 weeks. In case you make waxing a routine habit with your beautician, you will see less growth overall.

Less Hair Regrowth

  1. Finer Regrowth Of Hair

It’s not about an amount of regrowth; it’s a type of regrowth. If you do the shaving, you cut off the hair (blunt cut). Hairs naturally are not blunt; this is the reason after shaving the hair feels stubby. On the other hand, waxing removes the hair at the follicle. That means wax removes the hair from roots (regenerates and grows back) and has a finely traped end.

  1. Exfoliation

The presence of dead skin cells and grimes on your skin can cause dryness, outbreaks, and blemishes. Wax removes it all and provides you smooth, fresh, and clean skin. It’s not a proper exfoliation method but it is recommended that you exfoliate few days before the waxing appointment. Do not exfoliate before 48 hours of waxing appointment; otherwise, it makes your skin more sensitive.

  1. Goodbye To Itching

Commonly, people feel itching aftershave, and soon, regrowth starts, and itching ramps up again. With waxing, you will feel a little pain during hair removal, and afterward, you will be itch-free for a long period. You don’t have to reach any shaving product that causes itching and makes your itchiness worse.

Goodbye To Itching

  1. Waxing Exile Shaving Rash

Mostly, people get shaving rash; it is because of inflammation of the skin caused by irritation. If you usually have a shaving rash with the use of hot wax, you will be able to avoid it ever again. While shaving, you’ll expose the area of friction that only makes inflammation worse. With waxing, you can avoid shaving rashes for over a month.

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