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How To Stop And Prevent The Nose Bleeding?

Our nose contains several blood vessels that can bleed anytime, anyplace if a person’s nose gets hit, dried out, or frequently picking. A single nose bleed isn’t caused concern, but after injury, if your nose continues to bleed, then you might seek medical attention. In case your little one or you get a nosebleed, below discussed the stoppage and prevention tips:

  1. Lean Forward And Sit Upright

Whenever you are in a nosebleed situation, leaning slightly forward is the ideal choice. No doubt leaning back is tempting but, leaning forward is a better choice to prevent the blood from going down to your throat, In case you get the blood inside, you will lead to vomiting or choking.

  1. Do Not Pack Your Nose While Bleeding

People often use tissues, cotton pads, and tampons to stop the bleeding, but instead of relief, it actually worsens the condition. The reason behind this is it irritates the vessels and doesn’t provide enough pressure to stop bleeding. Always make use of damp washcloth or tissue to properly catch the blood when it comes out of your nose.

Prevent The Nose Bleeding

  1. Always Keep A Spray Decongestant In Your Bag

The person who frequently comes across nose bleeding should have decongestant sprays. The sprays, like Afrin, is a medication that tight the blood vessels in the nose. The decongestant spray will not only give you relief from nose bleeding but also prevent congestion and inflammation. Apply three strokes of spray that can affect your nostril.

  1. Try To Pinch Your Nose

Pinching the fleshy part of the nose down the nasal bones for approximately ten minutes can help to compress the blood vessel and stop bleeding. While holding your nose for ten minutes, don’t let up on the pressure; otherwise, the bleeding will restart, and you have to start from the beginning.

  1. Repeat Above Steps For Atleast 15 Minutes

While holding the nose for 10 minutes, if the nose bleeding does not stop, then re-apply pressure for ten minutes. In some major cases, the person has to take the soaked cotton ball to press the nostril for 10 minutes to see whether the bleeding continues or stops.

In case your bleeding does not stop for thirty minutes of effort, or you are bleeding on a significant amount, immediately seek emergency treatment.


  1. Keep the nose line always moist

A dried nose can cause irritation that leads to nose bleeding. Don’t let your membrane dry; keep them moist with saline spray. The nose bleeding patient can take two-three times after an hour.

If you don’t like to spray, then make use of petroleum jelly or nasal gel.

  1. Trim the nails

Commonly we hurt ourselves with our fingernails, and the person who had the problem of nose bleeding has to trim their nails. Sometimes you pick your nose while sleeping, which hurts you. If your fingernails are sharp or long, then you might have more chances of nosebleed.

Stop The Nose Bleeding


Nose bleed irritant, but every time it is no threat to your health. If you follow the recommendation of doctors or tips carefully, you can reduce the chances fairly quickly.

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