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How to Take Care of Mental Health during Coronavirus Lockdown

The globally arisen COVID-19 pandemic has been cultivating challenges and bringing a subsequent rise in morbidity and mortality rate worldwide. The economic aspects and social probity are affected immensely leaving the globe across into a devastating and ambiguous state. To minimize the transferring pattern of the contagious plague, certain effective preventive measures are enforced by the respective governances in the form of lockdowns and self-isolation for the health embracement.

Emerging Mental Health Issues:

While the pandemic is negatively broadening in its form across the world, it is majorly delivering a considerable amount of fear, concern, and anguish among certain groups in particular, typically younger generation and older people with already underlying course of disorders. The people may face mental turmoil and lead to psychiatric symptoms which possibly can emerge into a high degree of mental and immune disorders. The virus can also aggravate subjective anxiety and emotional distress most likely in people with a history of poor mental capabilities. Patients bearing pre-existing mental illnesses may require treatment at several intervals of time although certain restrictions may end them up with relapse and uncontrollable situations. The health care sector across is currently directing on the control of the pandemic adopting strategies, hence contributing a minimal amount of note to the mental health status of the quarantined sections of people. The lack of social activities and communication with other people has contributed to a further impact on emotional and physiological well-being.

Coping-up with the Mental Health Hazards:

In evading the dreadful situations, individuals with the chances of affecting mental health shouldn’t get exposed to the daily dosage of the media information too much & maintain a healthy relationship, getting in touch with the friends and family members on regular events can help think positively. If the fear and anxiety keep showing up due to too much information around, trying and sharing the uncertainties with others, will calm the thoughts and self-awareness to deal with the situations that would amplify too. People can cope with these sorts of provocations while adopting fewer lifestyle modifications gradually. Employing an adequate amount of sleep, regular meditation practices, and varied relaxation techniques can slow down the rate of continuous anxiety. The spectra of technology can play a wider part here in providing online psychological support services for the individuals going through the depressing events already.

Besides the house-quarantined people, the frontline health care experts are also fighting their major part in serving the equivalent degree of support to the society and to boost their morale and self-esteem, health care system needs to sustain the operational methods by implementing appropriate break intervals; working patterns and corresponding recline for the further safety and welfare.

Code of Conduct for Positive Mental Health:

  1. Follow a balanced diet with high nutritional values.
  2. Positive thoughts and mindfulness can lower risk factors.
  3. Adopt fewer amounts of exercises and meditation strategies.
  4. Online socialization with friends and family while un-focusing attention on the negative aspects of the pandemic.
  5. Pretentious information may trigger unexpected energies; hence taking a short break from the news would underneath the impacts.
  6. If work worsens the symptoms, moving the shift to other activities would impart peace.


The pandemic is still engrossing in its most vicious form; there is a dearth in the research addressing the mental health hazards until now. The statistics are getting added with the higher peaks daily and due to the prolonged lockdown situations and other measures in place, the financial crisis keeps strengthening in and the health issues are likely to elevate fractionally. The section in this responsibility needs to acknowledge the mental context and introduce the course of actions to cope-up with the pandemic under effective observance.

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