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Tips To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Our heart is one of the most vital organs in our body; without it, we would perish. It is also our system’s busiest organ, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even before a baby is born, the heart begins to beat and continue its work till death. Our heart’s job is to circulate blood throughout our body. It also helps in providing oxygen to other organs through the blood. These functions distinguish our heart as a unique and significant organ that requires special attention.

But, in today’s world, we’re so preoccupied with our daily lives that we don’t take enough care of our heart; instead, we make its job more challenging by living stressful lives, eating unhealthy foods, and exercising less. We should give our heart the due care it needs. To keep our heart fit and healthy we can follow the tips given below:

Healthy Heart tips:

Quit smoking:-

Smoking not only harms the heart, but it also harms the other body organs. When individuals smoke cigars, the chemical in the cigar affects the lungs first, then the heart, where it works to obstruct the arteries, preventing the blood flow. Even if you’re not a smoker, sitting near smoker might have a negative impact on your health. All you have to do is to stay away from the smoking.

Get enough sleep:-

Get enough sleep: Sleep plays a very important role in better heart health. Unhealthy sleeping habits can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. For a healthy heart you should take 7-8hrs of sleep. Good sleep let’s your body functioning better including heart. Experts believe that short duration sleep can cause disruptions in biological process which may lead to other cardiovascular diseases. Healthy sleep let’s your body relax and prepare it for better functioning.

Eat healthy food:-

We should aware of the things that we are putting in our body. Ultimately the food we eat decides our overall health. We should always try to eat food which have good nutrient content like Fruit, vegetables, whole grains etc. As the food have direct impact on our health; we should avoid oily and fried food like burgers, pizzas, noodle and others. Always try to add natural food in your diet. A special mention: For healthy heart try to add Fish rich of omega 3 fatty acid in your diet. It will significantly help in keeping our heart healthy.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene:-

Keeping a good oral hygiene not only protects your teeth from cavities but also protects your heart from disease. It is revealed that bacteria found in our gums can also put our heart in risk of various diseases by entering the blood stream. Adding flossing to your everyday oral hygiene routine can help keep your teeth & gums safe and healthy.

Focus on Reducing Fat:-

Fat has never been friends with a healthy heart. Excess fat in your body might cause your heart to pump blood at a faster rate, resulting in high blood pressure. If you have a high fat percentage, this can cause fatty material to build up in your blood vessels, increasing the risk of a heart attack.

If we want make our life a healthy heart journey, we need to focus on healthy heart habits. With some small changes in our life we can do our heart a big favor. Remember happy life starts with healthy living. 

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