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How Ayurveda can be helpful in controlling High cholesterol?

For almost 3000 years, Ayurveda has been practicing throughout India. It is a well-organized traditional healthcare system which provides both preventive and curative methods against various diseases. It is usually practiced in numerous parts of Asia due to its Asian origins. In today’s time it’s a most backed form of health care in Eastern parts of the world, mainly in India, where majority of the people prefers this system due to its nature inspired medicines and therapies. In ayurvedic treatment the preventive method mainly focuses on strict personal and social hygiene along with bodily exercise and yoga. Curative method of ayurvedic treatment mainly focuses on curing a diseased person by using various herbal medicines and preparations, Physiotherapy sessions, and diet. In Ayurveda all the measures are adopted according to the need of each patient. Out of the many diseases we’ll be talking about how high cholesterol level can be controlled through Ayurveda.

What do you mean by high cholesterol?

Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle can be a invitation to heart diseases. Cholesterol is a lipid that is required in our body to maintain cellular health. Excessive quantity of cholesterol in our body can cause serious harm or may lead to death if not controlled. In order to keep your heart healthy you need to increase the quantity of good cholesterol (HDL) and lower the quantity of bad cholesterol(LDL). If you eat more oily and unhealthy food it will increase the quantity of LDL results in high level of bad cholesterol in your arteries which may leads to serious repercussions on your health. So, today we’ll be discussing ayurvedic home remedies that you can use to control your high cholesterol level.

Control High cholesterol with some of these ayurvedic remedies:-

Arjun or Terminalia arjuna:-

Arjun is a tree with various medicinal properties one of which are dealing with heart related diseases such as heart attacks, heart blockages etc. The bark of Arjun has a ability to dissolve cholesterol which prevents heart blockages. Its bark can be consumed in form of powder. You can consume this powder in the early morning with lukewarm water before the breakfast. The powder of Arjun’s bark can easily be found in nearest medical store.

Medicago Sativa:- 

This flowering plant, often known as “Alfalfa,” is regarded one of the greatest ayurvedic treatment remedies for high cholesterol levels. It is recognized for its ability to cure heart disorders. This plant has the ability to cleanse cholesterol-clogged arteries. It can be taken whole or mixed with juice on a daily basis.

Guggal or Commiphora Wightii:-

The ayurvedic treatment practitioners use the sap of the Mukul myrrh tree to treat high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol in the blood. Guggal is used to make a variety of products that aid in the reduction of high cholesterol levels. This herb includes “guggulsterone,” which is an active cholesterol blocker. It can be consumed at any time following a meal.

Tulsi or Basil:-

Another significant ayurvedic herb used in ayurvedic treatment  for reducing excessive cholesterol. According to ayurvedic practitioners, it has the ability to remove excess cholesterol from the body via the kidneys. It is a certified medical herb that is used to make a variety of medicines that can help with high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Tulsi has the ability to dissolve cholesterol in the arteries, allowing it to be flushed from the body. Consume  Ingest 2-3 leaves on a regular basis for alleviation.


This green herb not only adds flavor and freshness to a dish, but it also acts as a diuretic in ayurvedic treatment, removing waste and extra cholesterol from the body. It has the ability to encourage kidneys to operate better in terms of waste and cholesterol excretion from the body. It is suitable for daily consumption.


This is a common herb used in ayurvedic treatment that practically everyone has in their home. Apart from being a flavoring herb, it can also be incredibly beneficial to people who have high cholesterol. Consumption of 2-3 cloves per day can aid in the removal of excess cholesterol from the arteries, as well as neutralizing the effects of high blood cholesterol. Apart from that, it has several other health benefits. As a result, it comes highly recommended.

Ayurveda is nothing less than a blessing for all of us. It allows us to cure a disease in a natural way. It takes some time, but trust me when I say it’s well worth it.. Ayurveda has a remedy for practically every disease, but whether we choose to use it or not is up to us.

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