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Ayurveda tips to improve your daily life


Ayurveda is not an exotic theory or an academic subject but it simply means “the science of life” and is merely a holistic approach for healing. You can achieve your health by restoring the body’s natural balance and energy with these ancient Ayurveda methods.There are various benefits from Ayurveda that you must have heard.

Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the best-understood way of life. But in order to get benefit from this, you need to apply its basic principles to your life. But it all depends on your Doshas. Basically, there are three constitutional types that are pursuant to Ayurveda. These are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, collectively they are known as tri-dosha. The Vata is that energy which is composed of air, Pitta is made up of fire and water, whereas Kapha is composed of earth and water. Most of the people are bi-doshic means their two doshas are equally strong.

  • Vata people – These types of people are mostlyanxious, creative, artistic, sensitive, and imaginative.
  • Pitta people – These types of people are usually sharp-minded, goal-oriented, competitive, and rational.
  • Kapha people – They are usually calm, caring, patient, and compassionate.

How you can know that which of your Doshas needs balancing

It has been examined by Ayurveda expert practitioners that 95% of the disease can be known from the pulse. Your tongue, face, eyes, nails, and lips are the great detector of your lifestyle, behavior, and diet. If you will study about Ayurveda and able to understand then you will realize that your body can tell you about many things. If you are experiencing depression, insomnia, restless mind, backache, restless mind, menstrual disorders, dry skin, or wrinkles then there are chances that there is some problem with your VataDosha. These are the results of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, nervousness, etc.

If you are experiencing ailments like anger, bitter taste in mouth, migraine, headache, liver disorder, etc. then there are most probably the chances that your pitta dosha has been unbalanced. These are the results of anger, intolerance, impatience, hatred, indignation, etc.

And if you are experiencing ailments like bronchitis, emphysema, or sinus congestion then there are chances that your Kapha dosha has been deranged which are the results of possessiveness, stubbornness, greed, or jealousy.

Effects on lifestyles or daily routines

It has been noticed that Yoga, meditation, or regular exercises are good for Vata. Pitta people are more organized and goal-oriented than the activities that are more relaxing results out to be good for these people. Kapha people don’t like to do exercise but they get more benefit once they start doing it.

Other Ayurveda treatments that you can prefer

Ayurveda experts have great knowledge about the Ayurveda ways that are useful for healing and restoring your natural balance and energy and herbs and other natural substances are the most helpful substances used to detoxify the body. Mostly, the people that are more health conscious use these herbs to attain the benefits of body cleansing and detoxification. Moreover, these are beneficial for your overall lifestyle goals. If you are one of them who have tried various plans for dieting but then try this kind cleansing and detoxification for more benefits.


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