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What Are The Different Causes Of Asthma?


Living with asthma can be unbearable. And if you have been lately diagnosed with this disease it can be tough and provoking to deal with. As the disease affects the airways, sufferers of asthma will practice a range of symptoms relevant to their breathing. From sneezing and coughing to shortness of breath and chest tightness, asthma can actually take its toll.

There could be numerous causes of asthma. Some of them are written below:


If your parents have asthma then it could be the major reasons for your suffering. Studies have revealed that even as the reason for asthma is one of a complex nature, your genetic makeup can influence you to it. Some genes increase the probability of developing allergic asthma. Therefore, if asthma or another allergic disease has reared its head somewhere along the family tree, your probability of having asthma will increase.

Irritants and Allergies

  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen
  • Animal dander, skin, feathers or saliva

When the human body encounters an allergen, it creates certain IgE antibodies. Histamines will then be released, triggering an allergic reaction. This is because of the truth that your body is trying to wipe out the allergens. Symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, watery eyes and a runny nose start when the body reacts to the certain allergens which are posing the problem. These allergens can be responsible for long-standing conditions or more seasonal types of asthma.

Respiratory Infections

To know how a respiratory infection can cause asthma needs looking at the fundamental internal workings of the respiratory system. As asthma causes irritation directly in the airways, inflammation can also be caused in the sinuses, or further explicitly, the mucous membranes lining these.

When someone becomes ill with sinusitis, this can cause irritation in these mucous membranes. Basically what this means is that more mucus than usual is produced, which alongside sounding fairly dreadful, is similar in the way that asthma works.

The airways of your body will narrow when an upper respiratory infection is present and lots of people who affected with sinus sinusitis or infections will also show symptoms of asthma.


There is a kind of asthma recognized as exercise-induced Asthma. As the name would propose, this finicky kind of asthma is bought on by exercise. This can really be a general kind of trigger and is mainly regular when the weather turns cold. Similarly, other types of weather, like dry wind or even a very sudden change, can bring on an asthma attack. The symptoms do not appear until a few minutes of work out have been undertaken.


If your asthma symptoms started as an adult, or informer symptoms experienced as a child has found their way into your adult life, your occupation could be to blame. Whilst occupational asthma is a similar disorder of the airways as any other kinds of asthma, the fundamental cause is because of substances present in your place of work. Widespread occupational environments that could provide the ideal environment for asthma to grow could be food places like bakeries, swimming pools, chemical laboratories, factories or farms.

Whatever the reason for your asthma, it’s forever essential to get checked out by the specialized doctor. They should be capable to work with you to completely diagnose your condition and to see what help is on offer for your symptoms.

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