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How to keep your Hands Beautiful and Soft


Most people know how to take care of their hair, face, and teeth, but very few are aware of hands. Your hands are part of your body that people notice most after your face. Your hands also show your age. Because the skin of the hand is very soft and relatively thinner than other parts of the body, so they need special attention and care. In this article you will get the best hand care tips to make your hands look young, beautiful and pretty:

Moisturize your hands:

Always use a hand moisturizer of good quality and apply it on your hands at least thrice a day after you have washed it thoroughly. Use a light non-oily moisturizer in the summers and use something heavier like body butter in the winters. Winters dry out the skin, so you can do with the extra moisturizing.

Use Hand Care Gloves:
Before exposing the hands to a lot of chemicals, water, or while working in your garden you should wear hand care gloves. When you go out in winters, you should pull on a pair of gloves or mittens, because cold winter air can quickly strip away moisture from the hands.
Use Hand Care Gloves

Be careful while washing your hands:
Whenever you wash your hands, make sure that you are washing your hands in lukewarm. Too cold water or too hot water can damage the skin of your hand. Never use normal dish soap as it is hard on the skin and it dries up easily.

Massage your hands:
Massage your hands for at least five minutes at night to let the goodness of the moisturizer soak in. if your hands are very rough hands then mix your moisturizer with a bit of Vaseline so that they could be protected throughout the night.

Take essential vitamins in the diet for hand care:
Vitamin B deficiency can cause to ridged nail beds. Lack of calcium can make your nails brittle and dry, which can easily stick. Be sure to eat foods containing these vitamins and in case of severe deficiency, consult your doctor for supplements to keep healthy nails.

Take care of your nails:
Your nails and cuticles also need care for the beautiful hand. Use a nail-specific oil to repair jagged, dry cuticles and strengthen your nails to look good even when they are naked. While you are taking shower or after you have applied oil, slowly push back your cuticles with a washcloth. Thus you can avoid any need to cut your cuticles.

To get rid of any dead skin scrub your hands at least once a week with a good exfoliating agent. You can also make one at home. Take one spoon of fine sugar and olive oil and mix it with half lemon juice. You can add one drop of your favorite EO if you want to try something different.

After studying these hand care tips at home, hope that you will gain various useful hand care tips. Apply these tips to your daily life and enjoy your soft hands.

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