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Routines that are Damaging Your Hair


Extreme hair fall, thinning of the hair and balding are reasons to offer sleepless nights to people in the world. In contrast, thinning, baldness, leave a dent on the general look of the affected persons leaving their confidence and self-esteem at the lowest!

There are several reasons for hair loss, from simple causes such as erratic lifestyle, unbalanced diet to more damaging and serious ones such as strong medicines, chronic illnesses, hormonal imbalances, etc.

However, there are some extraordinarily bizarre, amazing causes that very few of us are conscious of which is resulting in considerable hair loss. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Hair Styles & Styling Gadgets:

To look stylish and dazzling people adapts to the newest styles and trends however when it comes to hair one should use care and make sensible decisions. Procedures such as straightening and curling make use of heat that saps the humidity making the hair lusterless and brittle.

Hairstyles such as tight braiding and ponytails, if done frequently, lead to weakening and breakage of hair. Hair needs to be treated with the highest care as they are delicate.

High Levels of Dihydrotestosterone:

It may come as a shock to many that the high levels of dihydrotestosterone that is mainly reasonable for hair growth all over the body, usually in men, might lead to balding if it is present in high levels and it also affects the head scalp. Strict damage is caused to the follicles that get miniaturized and stop growing. So, when going for hair loss treatment in men the DHT level is checked.


While a modest exercise regime does wonders to the mind, body, and hair, over exercising leads to baldness & thinning. The lack of energy increases stress on the body. Combined with this the extreme sweat attracts pollutants and clogs the scalp resulting in badly impacting the follicles.
Excess of Vitamin A:

While most of us are aware that deficiencies of proteins and vitamins give rise to hair fall, not lots of us are conscious that an extreme amount of vitamin A can be similarly damaging. Therefore, consumption of vitamin A should be limited to the approved limit.

Pillow Covers:

Amazing but reasonably true is the fact that the type of pillowcase we make use of reflects on our hair health. About 8-9 hours our hairs are in contact with our pillowcase and in case the material of the case is not compatible, it will make the hair frizzy, dry and brittle. Studies terminate that just cotton fabrics tend to soak up the wetness from the scalp resulting in weakening and breakage of the hair.

Hairs play important role in the look of every person. These days, it has become necessary to follow trends and make different hairstyles but always keep in mind that what you do with your hair directly affects your hair health. Therefore, try to avoid the habits that are causing hair problems.

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