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How Can Hair Coloring Damage Your Hair?

Everyone wants beautiful hair in shades of mahogany and auburn, but when it comes to the harmful impacts, then you may deter yourself from dying hair.

Undoubtedly the hair color contains harmful side effects, but there are several natural hair colors available in the market that can protect you from severe problems.

How Can Hair Coloring Damage Your Hair

Generally, there are five types of hair color:

  1. Everlasting Hair Dyes

The enduring hair dyes always accumulate the strongest type of chemicals compare to all types of hair dyes. They have the highest concentration of peroxide to get the color deeper; it opens the shaft that can be dangerous for health.

  1. Semi-Permanent Hair Colors

The color almost stays for six weeks. It doesn’t alter the existing hair shade, but it can damage the hair. As they need to be reapplied and comparatively temporary from permanent hair color, the only benefit of this hair dye is it color your hair without opening the hair shaft.

This color deposits on the hair shaft’s cuticles; it also contains much less peroxide than a permanent hair dye.

  1. Interim Hair Color

If you like to see your hair in different colors, the ideal option is to go with temporary hair colors. These colors only stay on the head surface and remove by the next hair wash.

  1. Bleaching

Bleaching is also best for lightening your natural hair color. It also removes your previous hair color from your hair with the process of oxidation but does not do too much bleaching; otherwise, it will turn your hair yellowish.

  1. Hair Dye Without Ammonia

The hair dyes without ammonia are composed of monoethanolamine. These dyes less damage the hair compare to ammonia. But excessive use might cause hair damage.

The Side-effects of hair coloring are as follows:

How Can Hair Coloring Damage Your Hair

  1. Overexposure

The permanent hair dyes contain a strong amount of peroxide and ammonia. Using these chemicals formed colors regularly cause your hair to lose luster, break easily, or lead to hair fall.

  1. Severe Allergy

Some of the dyes have paraphenylenediamine concentration, which is an allergen. By applying these hair dyes, people with skin irritation have a severe reaction. People who have psoriasis or eczema do not use hair color. Apart from the severe reaction, it can also cause itching, redness, skin irritation, and swelling.

  1. Effect On Pregnancy

Pregnant women do not use hair color; it harms the unborn and mother’s health because it may cause malignancy.

  1. Asthma Problem

Most hair colors have persulfates, which can aggravate asthma. Using color regularly means the inhalation of the chemicals that cause lung inflammation, coughing, and asthma attacks.


Using inorganic colors contains a heavy amount of chemicals that can impact your health severely. Multiple hair dyes are organic in nature and have mild side effects. Organic or natural hair colors have zero percent side effects and nourish your hair gently. If the side effects of hair color remain unchecked, it can be serious. Hair dyes can also make your hair lifeless, dry, and frizzy.


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