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Fruits That You Should Avoid During Pregnancy


While the majority of fruits do have the necessary nutrients and vitamins that your body will need during pregnancy, mainly when your fetus has a growth spurt, it is essential equally to stay away from some other kinds of fruits for they can cause quick discomfort. Even some have been recognized to affect the fetus while others, to cause miscarriage. Here is a list of fruits that you should not eat during pregnancy:


Pineapple ranks high for the reason that it can cause you to bear sharp uterine contractions that can cause a miscarriage. This occurs because pineapple includes bromelain, an enzyme that can soften the cervix wall and cause sharp uterine contractions and sometimes bleeding as well. Therefore you should make certain to avoid eating pineapple during your pregnancy.


Grapes are greatest avoided while you are pregnant, and that means no black or green grapes and definitely no wine either. When you are pregnant, it will be hard for you to digest the skin of the grapes as the digestive system is weakened. This is the reason for grapes are included in the list of fruits to avoid in pregnancy.


Tamarind is very rich in vitamin C, and that’s one of the key bases for it to feature in this list of fruits. Tamarind has great amounts of vitamin C that in excess, can repress the creation of progesterone in your body. Lesser levels of progesterone can cause a miscarriage, pre-term birth and may also cause cell damage in the fetus.


While papaya is loaded with vitamins and macronutrients that are necessary for your body, yet, it is one of the fruits not suitable for pregnant women. Papaya can lead the temperature of your body to increase, and that is not fine when you are pregnant. Moreover, the fruit is loaded in latex that can cause bleeding, uterine contractions and even miscarriage.

You may be shocked to see this fruit included here. While it is known as harmless to eat bananas during pregnancy, there are some contraindications; women who undergo from allergies, and women who have gestational diabetes are warned against eating bananas. Bananas have chitinase that also increases body temperature. Therefore it is wise thought for pregnant women to stay away from bananas.


Watermelons are usually great for the human body as they allow the body to flush out all the toxins while changing hydration. However, there is a flip side to this also, for if you were to eat watermelon, you may be revealing your fetus to the several toxins that the watermelon flushes out. Moreover, it is a cold inducing food that is why it is recommended not to consume it while you are pregnant.


Now that you have a great idea of what to consume, and better yet, what not to consume when pregnant, make certain that you analyze the list of fruits to keep away from when pregnant cautiously. While it may be hard at the beginning to give up your favorite fruits and veggies, keep in mind you are doing it so that you can take your pregnancy to term and make sure fine health both for yourself and the baby.

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