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An Ultimate Guide: Diet Plan Chart for Weight Loss

Having a healthy diet to maintain your body fitness is essential. It helps you a lot to stay and maintain your body lifelong. In case, when you are gaining extra weight it’s very necessary to take a healthy diet plan in your daily life. Finding the healthy diet plan chart for weight loss that is right and one that gives the nutrition can be difficult.

The importance of weight loss diet has dramatically increased in the modern world. It begins by encouraging bad eating habits, which then cause the body to become toxic and cause excess weight gain. In these situations, our healthy diet plan chart for weight loss might do wonders for you in assisting you in reaching your fitness objectives. This article describes how to plan and adhere to a diet for weight loss if you’re seeking a productive strategy to lose weight.

The Science behind Weight Loss:

Caloric intake and expenditure play a key role in weight loss and growth. All you have to do to lose those excess pounds is eat inside your calorie limit and exercise the required amount. Thus, experts advised using two together because it works best.

By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you can get updates about daily calorie intake and burn based on your lifestyle and food choices. To lose weight healthily, you must also ensure that your diet plan chart for weight loss is balanced; it includes foods from all food categories and offers all the nutrients you require for optimal health.

The perfect diet to lose weight is:

The perfect diet to lose weight contains variety of foods to get all the calories and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. That’s why it’s advised to have a balanced diet plan chart for weight loss that includes macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fat and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. The perfect diet plan chart for weight loss combines a variety of dietary groups, including fruits, vegetables, meat, everyday items, etc.

Calorie-Counting Dietary Plan:

Several factors go into a recommended diet plan chart for weight loss. One’s dietary needs, however, vary depending on several things. It might vary based on gender, for instance, since male and female nutritional needs are different.

Geographical factors may also be at play because the diets of North and South India differ significantly. Since a vegetarian or vegan consumes food very differently from a non-vegetarian, meal choices become essential in this situation. However, we have created a diet strategy that is great for losing weight while eating Indian food. This 7-day diet plan, often referred to as a 1200-calorie diet plan, is only intended as an example and shouldn’t be followed by anyone without first seeing a nutritionist.


Day 1- Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • Your breakfast should consist of oat porridge and mixed nuts.
  • You must take carrot-pea sabzi, dal and roti in your lunch meal.
  • Dinner will be dal and lauki sabzi with roti after that.

Day 2-Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • Eat a stuffed roti with mixed vegetables and curd for breakfast.
  • You must have a half a Katori of methi rice and lentil curry for afternoon lunch time.
  • Then, finish your day with green chutney and sautéed vegetables.

Day 3- Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • Yogurt made with skim milk and multigrain bread must be in your breakfast items.
  • You must have paneer, sautéed vegetables, and some green chutney in the afternoon.
  • Take some lentil curry with methi rice in your dinner meal.

Day 4- Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • Egg omelet and a fruit and nut yogurt smoothie must be included in your breakfast.
  • Add moong dal, bhindi sabzi, and roti in your afternoon lunch.
  • In dinner meal, take steamed rice and palak chole.


Day 5- Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • Have a cup of skim milk and some pea poha for breakfast meal.
  • In the afternoon, have must take missi roti with a low-fat paneer dish in your plate.
  • Your dinner meal must consist of roti, curd, and potato-brinjal-tomato sabzi.

Day 6- Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • Have idli and sambar for breakfast on day 6.
  • You must take roti and curd with aloo, baingan, tamatar, ki, sabzi for your lunch break.
  • For dinner, you must consume green gram with roti and lady-finger sabzi.

Day 7- Dietary plan for weight loss:

  • You must start the seventh day with green garlic chutney and besan chili.
  • Steaming rice and palak chole must be in your lunch time.
  • Enjoy a missi roti and low-fat paneer stew to end the week on a healthy note.

The chart for a healthy diet is crucial for maintaining and reducing excess calories. Yu must surely follow these best diet plan chart for weight loss which is available at our YouTube channel. At Healthik, you can find a variety of blogs that can help you maintain your physical health.

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