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A Complete Guide to Type 2 Diabetes


Around the world, more and more people are facing this problem of type 2 diabetes. This was extremely rare before our modern western diet. Now, these are some of the common problems that mostly the people of middle aged and above are suffering from. Those who are suffering from this problem never regain their health. Instead, they become weak day by day and the amount of taking pills increase even more. Are you aware of where this problem arises? Here are some symptoms that will help you to know:

Extreme thirst and high urine –

This problem arises when your blood sugar is high that is above 15 mmol /l or 270 mg/dl, it leaks out from the body resulting in increasing the thirst.

Blurry Vision – The swelling in the lens of the eyes arises due to sugar and makes your vision fuzzier.

More Fatigue – Your body gets tired easily and cannot bear the heavy tasks.

Weight loss – You may start losing weight and your breath may be smell like acetone, the nail polish remover.

How Type 2 affects your body

The one which is increasing the most is type 2 diabetes. It normally affects the people who are overweighed. One of the cases of type 2 diabetes is Gestational diabetes. If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, your body finds it difficult to handle all the sugar in the blood. Due to which a large amount of blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin is produced and insulin sensitivity decreases. Usually, your body has 10 times more insulin than the normal person. As a result, insulin stores fat and your body start gaining weight.

How you can normalize your blood sugar

It is easy to naturally normalize your blood sugar without taking pills, hunger or counting the calorie. Most of the people do so which makes them healthier and leaner. When you start following your healthy diet chart, you must have noticed that your insulin starts reducing resulting in weight loss. More and more doctors recommend low carbohydrates with diabetes.

The food that is strictly forbidden for patients suffering from diabetes includes rice, bread, cookies, pasta, and other sweet dishes.

Nutrient-dense diabetes foods

Usually, the doctors recommend eating a healthy diet including olive oil, cheese, meat, eggs, butter, fish, etc. Eating green vegetables can also restore your energy by eliminating the weakness.  A healthy diet not only reduces your diabetes but also makes you healthier.

Normally diabetes can be avoided if we take proper precautions from the doctor and follow a healthy diet chart. Seeing a doctor and having a healthy diet is far better than suffering from unwanted problems.

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