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2 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Changes & Useful Tips


The first two weeks of pregnancy can be really exciting for any woman and still, not so exciting. The not-so-exciting part of the second-week pregnancy is that the well-known pregnancy symptoms start to appear. Tender breasts, drowsiness, nausea, and dizziness are only a few of the symptoms women experience during the second week.

As an expecting mother, a woman should now start to concentrate on changing her dietary habits and lifestyle, as this second week is a critical turning point in the baby’s growth.

Baby’s Development

Out of the forty-six chromosomes, the two extremely essential are the X chromosome and the X chromosome. These two chromosomes decide the sex of the baby. Each egg has an X chromosome whereas every sperm has either a Y or an X chromosome.

If the sperm with an X chromosome fertilizes the egg, you will have a girl. If it is a Y chromosome, you will have a boy. The gender is determined at the moment of fertilization, however, you would not recognize until weeks later.

At this stage, the baby is called an embryo and it consists of almost 150 cells that will start to divide up into 3 different layers. Here is a short collapse of each layer and what it ultimately transforms into:

1st Layer: This is the internal layer, and is also recognized as the endoblast or endoderm. It becomes the respiratory tract and digestive system, which contains glands such as the thyroid, pancreas, thymus, and liver.

2nd Layer: This is the central layer, and also recognized as the mesoderm. It becomes the bones of the baby, cartilage, inner skin layer, circulatory system, muscles, excretory system, genitalia, and outer covering.

3rd Layer: This is the outer layer, and also identified as the ectoblast or ectoderm, becomes the nervous system, the epidermis, and the brain, which contains the baby’s nails, skin, and hair.

During this time of change, the embryo just floats within the uterus, protected by the secretions of the uterus lining. The baby is yet extremely small; just o.1 to o.2 mm long.

Body Changes

Primarily, say goodbye to your menstrual period for the upcoming nine months; you will not have a period until after the baby is born. Moreover, the uterus is increasing its production of the endometrium, which provides an environment for the baby to the implant.

Pregnancy Week 2 Tips

The most essential thing a woman can do at this stage is to change any harmful habits she may have. Quit all the bad habits such as drinking, smoking, and drugs. It is essential for a healthy birth, a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby.

Confidently, if this is a planned pregnancy, you have by-now dropped several of these habits and started taking prenatal vitamins, as well as increased doses of folic acid. You should ask your doctor which habits are acceptable to keep during your pregnancy

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